9 April 2011

Helpful poem to remember the difference between 'whiskey' and 'whisky'.

There is always confusion surrounding the two alternative spellings of that glorious golden liquid we all know and love: whisky versus whiskey.  The discrepancy is often attributed to regional differences, in a manner akin to the Canadian and American variations on the spelling of the word colour / color, but there has never been any consistency regarding when each variation applies.  Well, ponder no more, for today we're going to clear this important issue up for you.
While most people will not notice, nor care to notice, the distinction, we here at the Arrogant Male do not aspire to be 'most people'.  It is essential that charmingly pretentious gentlemen such as ourselves be able to distinguish the fine single malt Scotch we enjoy in our private booth from the mass-produced swill that the commoner rabble who populate the rest of the bar are content with.  With that in mind, here's an easy way to keep the distinction straight. 

A Scotsman who spells
Whisky with an ‘e’,
should be hand cuffed
and thrown head first in the Dee. 

In the USA and Ireland, 
it’s spelt with an ‘e’
but in Scotland
it’s real ‘Whisky’. 
So if you see Whisky 
and it has an ‘e’,
only take it,
if you get it for free! 
For the name is not the same 
and it never will be,
a dram is only a real dram,
from a bottle of ‘Scotch Whisky’.
~ Stanley Bruce.


  1. What about a German Whesskey ?


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