20 May 2011

Interesting Shit that I'm Too Lazy to Write Anything About: May 20, 2011.

Treme: The Big Uneasy: a preview of the second season of HBO's oft-overlooked masterpiece, a look at a post-Katrina New Orleans from the geniuses behind The Wire. Don't read this if you missed the first season.

Louis Vuitton named the world’s most valuable luxury brand for the sixth consecutive year (and check out this creepy-ass accompanying picture...seriously, isn't the look she's giving her dad a little odd?).

So you want a career in fashion? Start here

18 May 2011

Old news at this point: Chrysler 300 commercial featuring John Varvatos.

I'm a big fan of the marketing campaign for the new Chrysler 300, with the slogan "Imported from Detroit" being one of the wittier slogans of recent memory.  The most recent installment is entitled Attitude and features good ol' John Varvatos, a Detroit native himself.  Check it out below, it's a pretty commercial.

[edit: Blogger crashed the evening this was posted and lost this, and just re-posted it now.  So, you've probably seen this by now.]

Shit You Should Be Aspiring To: This guy's shoe collection.

Uhh, wow.  This is some random Japanese dude's shoe collection, which he posted on Flickr seemingly for not reason other to make us all feel bad about ourselves.  My kind of guy.  Check out his whole collection here (ya, that's right, this isn't even all of them; he's up to 200 pairs now), where you can see a larger HQ pic of each pair and its details.

Jealous ones envy.

17 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: David King's photographs of Muhammad Ali in 1974 while training for The Rumble in the Jungle.

In 1974, Muhammad Ali trained for sixteen weeks in the Pennsylvania Mountains in preparation for the Rumble in the Jungle, his historic heavyweight title fight against George Foreman in Zaire.  These photographs were taken by David King during that training session and appeared in his 1975 photographic biography of Ali I Am King.  See more of his photos below the cut.  These are awesome in every way.

16 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: "Savage Beauty": The Alexander McQueen retrospective at the Met.

When I’m dead and gone, people will know that the twenty-first century was started by Alexander McQueen.”  The Metropolitan Museum recently launched its Alexander McQueen retrospective, "Savage Beauty", and The New Yorker published a great article by Judith Thurman in relation to the exhibit.  The article gives a good overview of the exhibit itself, of course, but its real value lies in offering an overview of McQueen himself, and of his impact on the world of fashion.  Thurman offers a high-level biography of the late McQueen, from his upbringing to his early days at college and on Savile Row to his suicide early last year, speculating on the influence some of the more momentous events in his life might have had on his art. (Particularly interesting was Thurman's observation that McQueen's "puberty coincided with the explosion of AIDS, which is to say that he was forced to witness a primal scene that haunted the youth of his generation: sex and death in the same bed.")

Alexander McQueen as a label has never been one of my favourites, as far as the men's line is concerned; I think his best work has always been womenswear, and most of his pieces that do appeal to me ruin themselves by being adorned in skulls, something I try to leave for those who enjoy wearing the likes of Affliction.  Sarah Burton took over for McQueen upon his death, and seems to be taking the line in a more favourable direction as far as my personal style is concerned.  That being said, I appreciate McQueen's work as the art it is.  Nobody can deny the sheer bravado and originality of the man's shows, and based on Thurman's article it seems that Savage Beauty captures this well.  I'll be heading to New York in July, and will definitely be checking out the exhibit when I head over to the Met.

source: The New Yorker

14 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: The five literary works that inspired Woody Allen.

Woody Allen is a workhorse of epic proportions; the man averages a movie a year, and his latest film, Midnight in Paris, just opened the 2011 Cannes Film Festival a couple days back (and was very well received).  Admittedly, not everything Allen touches is gold, but hey, with that rate of production, the man can't be expected to be churning out perfection.  Allen is, however, responsible for some of the greatest films of the past 45 years or so, including arguably the greatest romantic comedy of all time (a genre that produces trash at a rate unlike any other), as well as one of the finer tributes to Alfred Hitchcock you'll ever see.  Recently, The Browser conducted an interview with Allen where he set out five books that have resonated with him.  His choice of literature is of course interesting in itself, but the commentary from the eminently quotable Allen does not disappoint, either.

Combining Fashion and Finance: Interesting interview with Gilt Groupe CEO Kevin Ryan

Bloomberg Television conducted an interview the other day with Kevin Ryan, the CEO an co-founder of everyone's favourite flash sale shopping website, Gilt Groupe (well, not those of us in Canada, but that's another story...).  Gilt recently completed another (allegedly its final) round of financing, for $138 million.  The financing attaches a market value to Gilt Groupe of $1 billion; not bad for a company that is only three years old.  Although not yet profitable when taking all of its divisions into account, Gilt's revenue has grown steadily since its inception, and Ryan predicts gross revenue for the year ended June 30, 2011 between $400-500 million.  Gilt employs over 700 people across seven different verticals, including women's fashion, men's fashion, Gilt City (city-specific deal service a la Groupon), and Jetsetter (travel sales division).  More after the jump.

11 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: Want to see how handmade Italian ties and shoes are put together?

Every been curious about just how those crafty Italians make ties and shoes by hand?  Ponder no more.  Check out the two videos below, produced by Mad About Town, to see the process in all its glory.  The first video features a Finollo, a Genovese tie maker, and the second features a Mr. Riccardo Bestetti, an Italian cordwainer.  See them in action after the jump.

10 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: Very nice lookbook from Brunello Cucinelli for S/S 2011.

I'm a big Brunello Cucinelli fan (from afar...sigh), and the 2011 Spring / Summer campaign doesn't disappoint.  Once you get past how beautiful the setting is, you can focus on the clothes, and there are some very nice pieces to be seen.  Check out the pics belowI am particularly a fan of the brown DB suit; awesome in every way.  My only complaint would be the last photo; looks like your typical sartorially-bankrupt dude.  Ignore that one; I include it only to show that nobody, not even Cucinelli, is perfect.

8 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: The Philosophy of Michael Drake.

The website for Drakes London features a blurb on The Philosophy of Michael Drake, the founder of Drakes London, that is worth checking out for a Sunday afternoon read and outlines Drake's personal style.  Take from it what you will; his style is decidedly English and not for everyone, and his claim that '[t]he best-dressed Neapolitans aim for an understated English style' is slightly biased at best.

Check out the article after the jump, or go right to the source if you trust yourself to avoid getting sucked in to shopping.

Shit Worth Checking Out: Citizen Kane at 70: The Legacy of the Film and Its Director.

The Atlantic had an interesting article the other day looking at Citizen Kane and its influence over the past seventy years, titled Citizen Kane at 70: The Legacy of the Film and Its DirectorThe article focuses on Welles's career and his importance to cinema, but the most interesting bits look at some of the lost footage from his films, including an entirely unreleased film, The Other Side of the Wind, which remains unedited and the subject of a lengthy legal dispute.  While one can argue forever whether Citizen Kane is indeed 'the greatest film of all time', its innovatory importance is not up for dispute, nor is its (or Welles's himself) impact on film.  Check out the article here; it's well-worth a read.

7 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: What is the most epic photo ever taken?

Quora has an amazing thread right now featuring the attempt to find the 'most epic photo ever taken'.  Right now, there are over 50 photos posted, most with accompanying stories (my choice for title photo was based at least in part on it needing no such description).  Some of the pics submitted are quite epic indeed.  Many are also highly disturbing, and I thus hesitate to designate the photographs I have picked out as my "favourites", so I will instead refer you to some of the best, or most intriguing, photographs after the jump.  Which gets your vote?

6 May 2011

Shit You Should Buy: New edition of Cannes Cinema: A Visual History.

A new edition of Cannes Cinema: A Visual History of the World's Greatest Film Festival will be released next week, just in time for this year's 64th Cannes Film Festival.  The book includes over 550 photographs by the Traverso family, a local family of photographers who have been photographing the event since its inception in 1939, and text by Serge Toubian.  You can grab it on Amazon, but only the paperback edition is available.  This feels like a book where a paperback edition simply won't do, so head over to Phaidon and shell out a couple more ducats for the hardcover.  I'll definitely be grabbing this one when it's released.  The perfect coffee table book; one you can glance through with a scotch in one hand and a woman you're pretending to pay attention to in the other.

source: Gilt

Shit You Should Buy: A tailor-made suit from Miller's Oath.

"At a certain point in your life you accept the fact that you need a tailor—a real tailor, who makes a suit specifically for you. It’s going to cost more than $3000, and you respect (perhaps grudgingly) the fact that that quite serious amount of money is going to a craftsman who’s learned his trade over decades; it’s going to buy cloth woven in the finest mills; it’s going to a cutter who’s refined his pattern to create a refined silhouette. Your money is not going to underwrite a luxury goods behemoth, it’s not going to anybody who appears in his own ads—it’s not going to anybody who has ads. You seek a local tailor."

A Continuous Lean published an article the other day on tailor Kirk Miller, who used the experience he gained at Paul Stuart, Thom Browne, and Barker Black to open Miller's Oath in New York on Greenwich Street.  Miller ensures the experience is a very personal one; he employs just one tailor, and takes all measurements himself.  As he says, "I want to have a connection with the men who come here."  See below the cut for some pics of Miller's work.

Shit Worth Checking Out: Documentary on Savile Row tailor Thomas Mahon.

Put This On posted an old documentary today, following Thomas Mahon, a Savile Row tailor and menswear blogger (check out his site The English Cut when you get a chance).  If you have 25 minutes to spare, check out the doc (split into two parts) below.  It's an interesting watch.

Interesting Shit that I'm Too Lazy to Write Anything About: May 6, 2011.

5 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: Debut trailer for Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Yesterday, Fox Searchlight debuted the first trailer for their Sundance hit Martha Marcy May Marlene, written and directed by Sean Durkin, a first-timer.  Durkin took home the Dramatic Directing Award at Sundance for his efforts.  The film stars Elizabeth Olsen (the seemingly talented sister of the unjustifiably famous Olsen Twins) as a "damaged woman" who flees from a cult and tries to reassimilate with her family.  Fresh off his Best Supporting Actor Oscar nod for Winter's Bone, John Hawkes plays the cult leader and appears to be at his creepy-best.  Loved him on Deadwood, and glad to see him making the most out of the indie roles he secures.  Check out the trailer below!

Shit Worth Checking Out: Boss Selection S/S 2011 campaign pics.

A very nice lookbook from Hugo Boss was released this morning, promoting the Spring/Summer 2011 pieces from their Selection line.  I have a soft spot for Boss, so maybe I'm biased, but I can't help but love a campaign that begins with a shot of the Paris setting.  The campaign features model Gabriel Aubry, whom Boss posits "perfectly represents the style of the cosmopolitan and charismatic BOSS Selection gentleman".  Check out the pics after the jump.

Arrogant Male Photograph of the Day: May 5, 2011.

Arrogant Male Quote of the Day: May 5, 2011.

"There a million good looking women in this world, but they dont all bring you lasagna at work; most of them just cheat on you."
~ Kevin Smith as Silent Bob in Clerks
written by Kevin Smith

4 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: Todd Snyder F/W 2011 Lookbook.

Fall/Winter already? What the fuck?  Oh well, with lookbooks like this, I'm not complaining.  Check out a very strong offering from New York designer Todd Snyder below the cut.

Arrogant Male Photograph of the Day: May 4, 2011.

source: Street Etiquette

Arrogant Male Quote of the Day: May 4, 2011.

“If you want to seduce a beautiful woman, you don’t start by raping her from behind.”
~ Hermès CEO Patrick Thomas on LVMH’s aggressive takeover attempts

source: Pursuitist

3 May 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: Theophilus London Backstage Pass video.

For those of you who don't know Theophilus London, which unfortunately is very likely the vast majority, he's a young hip hop artist in the tradition of Andre 3000.  Besides producing some truly original music (how many hip hop artists do you know who cite The Smiths as a main influence?), he's also very much a style icon.  Check out the video (split into two parts) below.  Besides giving some insight into the artist, it features some great B&W visuals.

Arrogant Male Photograph of the Day: May 3, 2011.

Arrogant Male Quote of the Day: May 3, 2011.

"The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more."
~ Wilson Mizner

2 May 2011

Details emerge on Tarantino's new film, Django Unchained.

For awhile now, we've been hearing about Quentin Tarantino's follow-up to Inglorious Basterds, a spaghetti western in the style of Sergio Leone.  Over the weekend, details of the script leaked, and we even got a title: Django Unchained, named after Sergio Corbucci's classic Django, an awesome spaghetti western about a dude who drags a coffin with him everywhere he goes.  If you haven't seen it yet, stop wasting your time reading this and go do so immediately.  Otherwise, feel free to read on for more details on Tarantino's script.

Arrogant Male Photograph of the Day: May 2, 2011.

Arrogant Male Quote of the Day: May 2, 2011.

"There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind..."
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

30 April 2011

Remember When?: GQ covers, Part III: 2005 - 2007.

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon, let's pound out three more years.  These three were particularly weak, with only three or four legitimate choices peppering the collection each year.  At least 2006 and 2007 demonstrated a temporary departure from pushing the 'half-naked covergirl' strategy so hard.  And we see a glimpse of the good ol' days on the cover of GQ's 50th Anniversary issue in October 2007.

If you're behind, check out Parts I and II here.

29 April 2011

Interesting Shit that I'm Too Lazy to Write Anything About: April 29, 2011.

Today I'm starting a new column whose title should be pretty self-explanatory.  In the spirit of said new column, that will be the extent of it's intro.  Enjoy.

Arrogant Male Photograph of the Day: April 29, 2011: Miles above the competition.

Arrogant Male Quote of the Day: April 29, 2011.

"I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people...
There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking. 
I want to earn enough money that I can get away from everyone."
  ~ Daniel Day Lewis in There Will be Blood
by Paul Thomas Anderson

28 April 2011

Combining Fashion and Finance: Hugo Boss shares hit all-time high as Q1 2011 sales up 21%.

Hugo Boss shares hit 66.41 euros today as the German company reported a strong first quarter.  Their Q1 sales were 539 million euros, as opposed to an average estimate of 531 million, and net income was 83.5 million euros for the quarter versus estimates of just over 70 million.  These numbers represented a quarter-over-quarter increase of 21% and 43%, respectively.  Net income rose 48%.  Boss forecast 2011 sales and profit to be up at least 12 and 15 percent, respectively, resulting primarily from growth in China and the U.S.  

Shit Worth Checking Out: Pics from the Ralph Lauren car collection exhibition launch dinner..

Last week I posted a clip promoting the Musée des Arts Décoratifs exhibition The Art of the Automobile: Masterpieces from the Ralph Lauren Collection.  This past Wednesday, Madame Hélène David-Weill and Ralph Lauren hosted a private dinner in Paris to celebrate the opening of this exhibit.  While the pics are primarily posed, which makes them much less interesting than if they were taken naturally, it's still worth a quick look (if only to see Jean Reno, who was in attendance).  Check them out below the cut.

Shit Worth Checking Out: Great article in the New York Times on the state of the shoe industry in the United States.

The New York Times published an interesting article the other day profiling the decline and moderate resurgence of American-made shoes.  Titled At Their Feet, Crafted by Hand, the article notes that only 1% of shoes bought in the United States last year were produced in America, and focuses on homegrown brands like Allen Edmonds, Alden, and Florsheim. 

Arrogant Male Photograph of the Day: April 28, 2011.

Arrogant Male Quote of the Day: April 28, 2011.

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."
~ Adolf Hitler

27 April 2011

Combining Fashion and Finance: The dangers of rebranding.

WWD.com posted an interesting article the other day called The Pros and Cons of Rebranding, looking at different fashion labels and their quest to reinvent themselves by changing their logoTrying to change the public's image of what a brand represents is a dangerous proposition, as we saw last year when GAP attempted a logo change and was forced to revert back to the original after everyone freaked out about it.  The article focuses on lower-tiered brands, which, being arrogant, I am generally less interested in, but I think the article raises some industry-wide points (and of course, the fact that it's the lower-tiered brands that feel the need to rebrand perhaps says something about their more luxurious competitors...).  Anyways, check it out here.

Shit You Should Be Aspiring To: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.


Lamborghini has launched its campaign for its newest beast, the Aventador LP700-4.  The '700' stands for 700HP.  Check out the debut commercial below.  It's awesome in every way (except perhaps the car's colour...)

Arrogant Male Photograph of the Day: April 27, 2011

Arrogant Male Quote of the Day: April 27, 2011

"One should forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged."
~ Heinrich Heine

26 April 2011

Arrogant Male Photograph of the Day: April 26, 2011

Arrogant Male Quote of the Day: April 26, 2011

"I'm always looking for meaningful one night stands."
~ Dudley Moore

25 April 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: WSJ article Man Shops Net

The Wall Street Journal published an article the other day on the rise of online shopping sites for men.  What was initially very much a female-driven market has recently seen huge growth in male shoppers, and this has lead to the success of sites such as Mr. Porter and GiltMan.  While I can't relate to the author's portrayal of men as shopping-averse, it's an interesting read.  Check it out here.

Remember When?: GQ covers, Part II: 2008 and 2009.

Getting right on with it, Part II to our Remember When?: GQ covers series will take a look at 2008 and 2009, where we see the emergence of a trend towards catering to teeny boppers and the "let's put half naked women on the cover in a desperate attempt to raise sales while giving no regard to our integrity" syndrome.  Some of these must have sold quite well, because as we saw in Part I, there are a fair number of repeats in a short period of time (see: Tatum, LBJ, LaBeouf, Franco...all dudes who appeal to young people...coincidence?).  Enjoy.

24 April 2011

Happy Easter from The Arrogant Male.

23 April 2011

Remember When?: GQ covers, Part I: 2010 and 2011.

Tonight we start a new series, remembering the glory days of men's fashion.  Our initial focus will be on GQ cover models.  Remember when GQ actually put stylish men on the cover?  No, I don't either.  The past few years has seen the proliferation of cover models whose style sense is, shall we say, questionable.  There are exceptions, of course; Lebron James comes to mind, for example.  But for the most part the world's most popular men's fashion magazine seems intent on prioritizing sales over substance; preferring subjects who are 'of the moment' (often fleetingly), regardless of their value to or impact on the fashion world, and then simply dressing them up.  Gone are the days when the man on the cover would be sporting his own wares; we instead see pop stars and teen icons wearing the most cliche and mainstream of labels.  It's hard to blame GQ; they are, after all, running a business, and if readers prefer pop stars to men with class (so often mutually exclusive), then I guess they have to give the people what they want.  So sad.  

Shit You Should Buy: unbranded leather duffel on eBay

I recently purchased this 17" duffel on eBay for $140 plus shipping, and it was money well-spent.  I'm always hesitant about picking up anything unbranded on eBay, especially something like this, where quality is so important.  But the price was so reasonable, and the bag just looked so original I decided to take a chance.  It paid off.  The quality is superb and it's one of those pieces that will only get better with age.

Shit Worth Checking Out: Intriguing debut trailer for Another Earth.

Fox Searchlight has debuted its first trailer for their indie Sci-Fi film Another Earth, the first feature film by Mike Cahill.  The film stars Brit Marling, who also co-wrote the film with Cahill.  The trailer starts off kinda slow, but by the end I was hooked; it looks like a surprisingly original take on the whole "we are  not alone" genre, which as we all know has been beaten into the ground.  Check it out below the cut!

22 April 2011

Shit You Should Be Aspiring To: Ralph Lauren's car collection.

"They are like parts of me..."  In his soothing voice, Ralph Lauren narrates this short clip depicting some of the more than 70 cars in his collection.  The video is a promo for a special exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris called The Art of the Automobile: Masterpieces from the Ralph Lauren Collection, which will run from April 28 to August 28 and showcase many pieces from RL's collection.  Check out the video after the jump.