23 April 2011

Shit You Should Buy: unbranded leather duffel on eBay

I recently purchased this 17" duffel on eBay for $140 plus shipping, and it was money well-spent.  I'm always hesitant about picking up anything unbranded on eBay, especially something like this, where quality is so important.  But the price was so reasonable, and the bag just looked so original I decided to take a chance.  It paid off.  The quality is superb and it's one of those pieces that will only get better with age.

The bag is made from full-grain leather; "clean natural hides which have not been sanded to remove imperfections", and is suede-lined.  Something that's really great about this bag is the lack of breakable parts; there aren't any zippers and shit, and the straps are incredibly soft so they won't become malformed after several bucklings like so many bags or belts.  I can't wait until this thing takes a nice beating and gets all scuffed up; it will only look the better for it.  My one complaint would be that the metal on the bag, on the buckles and such, is very shiny; this is a pet peeve of mine, and I can't help but think the bag would look a lot better if its buckles were a dull pewter or the like.  But that's a problem that will likely resolve itself with time.

You can pick one up here; and be sure to check out the seller's other shit, because there are several other models available that I would assume would be the same quality.

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