6 May 2011

Shit You Should Buy: New edition of Cannes Cinema: A Visual History.

A new edition of Cannes Cinema: A Visual History of the World's Greatest Film Festival will be released next week, just in time for this year's 64th Cannes Film Festival.  The book includes over 550 photographs by the Traverso family, a local family of photographers who have been photographing the event since its inception in 1939, and text by Serge Toubian.  You can grab it on Amazon, but only the paperback edition is available.  This feels like a book where a paperback edition simply won't do, so head over to Phaidon and shell out a couple more ducats for the hardcover.  I'll definitely be grabbing this one when it's released.  The perfect coffee table book; one you can glance through with a scotch in one hand and a woman you're pretending to pay attention to in the other.

source: Gilt

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