6 May 2011

Shit You Should Buy: A tailor-made suit from Miller's Oath.

"At a certain point in your life you accept the fact that you need a tailor—a real tailor, who makes a suit specifically for you. It’s going to cost more than $3000, and you respect (perhaps grudgingly) the fact that that quite serious amount of money is going to a craftsman who’s learned his trade over decades; it’s going to buy cloth woven in the finest mills; it’s going to a cutter who’s refined his pattern to create a refined silhouette. Your money is not going to underwrite a luxury goods behemoth, it’s not going to anybody who appears in his own ads—it’s not going to anybody who has ads. You seek a local tailor."

A Continuous Lean published an article the other day on tailor Kirk Miller, who used the experience he gained at Paul Stuart, Thom Browne, and Barker Black to open Miller's Oath in New York on Greenwich Street.  Miller ensures the experience is a very personal one; he employs just one tailor, and takes all measurements himself.  As he says, "I want to have a connection with the men who come here."  See below the cut for some pics of Miller's work.

source: A Continuous Lean

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