10 April 2011

Shit Worth Checking Out: GQ's Tommy Ton's photo collection from the recent Paris women's shows

Great collection of pictures showing off an eclectic array of male style.  Not everything works, but that's in part what makes checking these out so interesting. These are real people, each with their own diverse personal style.

Check out my favourites after the jump, or, if you don't give a shit about my favourites, you can just head over to the full slideshow here.  Asshole.

Check out the displaced sweater collar.  Intentional?
There's something about this shot that I just love.
It takes a special kind of man to pull this off.

They just do it better in Paris, don't they?

Let's count how many incredibly-difficult-to-pull-off styles these two gents pull off:
1. Double-breasted-suit-jacket-as-casual.
2. Slim-fit suit jacket with relaxed fit pants.
3. Multiple unconventional accessories (check out the bracelets and the lapel pin, for example).
4. Pleated pants.
5. Tie tucked into pants.
What else did I miss?

Demonstrating the art of layering to perfection.
Here you have it, folks: proof that denim-on-denim CAN work.  If you're this guy,
There's that disheveled collar again.  Coincidence, or emerging trend?

The Most Interesting Man in the World.

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